Signs of Diesel Truck Engine Problems in Jackson, GA; Turbo Failure, Knocking, Power Loss & More

When you rely on your truck to get you from one to another and haul everything you will need once you get there, your truck works as hard as you do. You simply wouldn’t be able to get it all done without the help of this trusted vehicle. When something isn’t quite right, or your truck starts acting up, it sends you into panic mode. That’s why proper maintenance is so important. Jackson Diesel LLC is here to help you spot diesel engine trouble early on so you can avoid major problems.

Diesel Engine Starting Problems

If you notice that every morning your diesel engine is having a hard time starting up, you may have a problem with the engine’s compression system. If your compression system isn’t working properly, your diesel’s engine isn’t able to run properly. A quick diagnostic test by a professional will be able to help you pinpoint this common startup issue.

Turbo Failure

Some diesel engines are equipped with a turbocharger. There are a couple of signs that indicate there is a turbocharger failure happening when you notice that it is starting to die when driving. This could be caused by a leak in the system as well as clamps or pumps that are starting to weaken due to wear and tear. A common sign of this problem is black smoke coming from the engine.

Poor Diesel Gas Mileage & Sudden Drop in Fuel Economy

Gas mileage is always a concern when you are making a budget. If you find that you are spending more time at the pumps with your truck, this is indicative of a problem. Damaged or worn fuel injectors are often the culprit. If you ignore the problem and don’t have them replaced, you could be facing bigger problems down the road.

Increased Diesel Engine Oil Consumption

You shouldn’t have to constantly be adding oil to your truck’s engine. If you find that you are doing it frequently, there is most definitely a leak somewhere that is causing the problem. Simply adding oil without finding the cause for concern will lead to bigger problems. This is especially true if the problem is due to bad piston rings or cylinder liners.

Diesel Engine Knocking

Anytime you hear an unpleasant noise coming from your diesel engine, it’s a cause for concern. If your truck has experienced oil contamination or combustion timing issues, it can cause your engine to make a knocking sound when it is operating. Other issues like damaged liner seals, main bearings problems or a worn piston skirt are also common problems that will cause this.

Diesel Engine Power Loss Under Load

It is important that you are aware of how your truck is performing as you are driving it. Pay attention to the ease it which it pulls a load or how well it gets you to the top speed you are wanting to go. If you notice that your engine doesn’t seem to have the same power it once did, you could need the help of a professional.

Diesel Engine Repair & Maintenance Service in Jackson, Georgia (Just Minutes from McDonough, Monticello, Forsyth & Griffin, GA)

Any time you are facing issues with your diesel engine, you can turn to Jackson Diesel LLC to help get your truck back to the performance you once had. Call us today!

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