At Jackson Diesel LLC, we are the leaders when it comes to diesel engine repair, service and upgrades in Jackson, Georgia and the surrounding areas.

Our comprehensive list of diesel services includes:

Diesel Engine Repair & Overhauls

At Jackson Diesel LLC, we are the experts when it comes to diesel engine, transmission and drive-line service and repair. We specialize in sales and installation of performance upgrades for the Ford Power Stroke, Dodge Cummins, and GMC / Chevy Duramax. Our knowledgeable diesel mechanics and repair technicians use expert diagnostics which allow our technicians to zero in on problems areas saving you time and money by providing a prompt and efficient repair service.

At Jackson Diesel, LLC we use the most advanced machinery on the market to produce reliable and high quality products that meet or are better than OEM (original equipment manufacturer) tolerances and specifications. When the time comes for your engine repairs, engine rebuilds and performance upgrades you can trust the experienced staff at Jackson Diesel, LLC.

Jackson Diesel Power Performance

We are Georgia’s leading professional sales and installation service center in performance upgrades for the Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummings and GMC / Chevy Duramax.

Ford Power Stroke

One of the most popular Ford engines on the market is the 6.0L Power Stroke. This particular engine has developed an unfortunate reputation.

The three issues of concern are:

• Failing exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers
• Head gasket/head bolt design flaws
• Pattern-failures of the engine oil cooler

Some of these issues can be directly attributed to failures of the oil cooler. Flaws in the design of the engine have caused owners a great deal of frustration but the good news is that factory parts can be updated and improvements can be made as long as you are working with a mechanic that understands the mechanisms of your engine. At Jackson Diesel LLC we understand the issues that often occur with the 6.0L power stroke. Our mechanics will perform reliable diagnostics and repairs that can have your engine performing at optimum levels that will exceed factory level. If you are experiencing problems with your EGR cooler, contact the professionals at Jackson Diesel LLC today!

Dodge Cummins Performance & Repair

At Jackson Diesel LLC we set the industry standards for diesel performance, engine repair and service. Our qualified mechanics and service technicians understand the problems that can occur in diesel engines like the Dodge Cummins. Many Dodge Cummins owners have been affected by a bad high pressure pump within their diesel engine. If you have experienced a hard start, knocks in your engine, or your truck cranks but doesn’t start, our experienced mechanics can help! We service Jackson GA, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today and schedule an appointment for performance upgrades and repairs to your Dodge Cummins.

GMC / Chevy Duramax

At Jackson Diesel LLC, we are your number one source for all light and medium duty diesel engines. One of the most popular diesel truck brands on the market is the GMC / Chevy Duramax and we have serviced thousands of these vehicles when their owners complain of engine problems. One of the most common causes of problems can be associated with a faulty high pressure pump system. If you have been experiencing mechanical issues with your Chevy Duramax engine, regardless of the model year, we can fix it!

Contact us today and speak with a customer service professional to schedule your service appointment and ask about our comprehensive list of performance upgrades!

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