Jackson Diesel LLC of Jackson, GA

The owner and operator of Jackson Diesel LLC has 18 years of experience in the diesel repair and performance industry. His experience began working at a Ford dealership with a focus on diesel repair. After many years with Ford and a goal in mind of opening his own business, he decided to open his own diesel auto repair shop. The goal was to develop a location to service all makes and models under one roof using the extensive knowledge and experience he had gained. These services include routine maintenance, State Inspections, engine overhauls, transmission repairs, replacements, performance upgrades and so much more.

Jackson Diesel LLC is the Diesel Repair and Maintenance Shop that Jackson, Georgia motorists choose for quality Diesel Services. We offer diesel inspection, troubleshooting, diagnosis, repairs, rebuilding and preventive maintenance. Whether you need a simple oil change, your head gaskets or ball joints replaced or wish to improve your engine performance, doing it all in one place with Jackson Diesel LLC will save you money. We specialize in Ford Power Stroke Diesel Engines. Jackson Diesel LLC uses only the highest quality parts, materials, assembly techniques and testing procedures to ensure the best for our valued customers. Our skilled mechanics and machinists are fully trained professionals who pride themselves on the quality of work and impeccable level of service we provide to our valued customers. Jackson Diesel LLC always strives to give the best turn-around time possible, while making sure our work passes all of our stringent quality control checks.

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