Diesel Truck Engine Maintenance Checklist in McDonough, GA; Monitor Fluids, Conduct Oil Changes & More

You should carry some extra items and take care of your vehicle no matter whether you are driving a semi-truck cross-country and trying to meet all your delivery deadlines or running errands in a diesel pick up truck around town. To avoid risking your vehicle’s performance, it is essential to maintain the vehicle. Today, we at Jackson Diesel would like to share the importance of maintenance.

Maintain Your Diesel Truck & Engine

To make your truck rather messy, no matter if you are driving across town or across the country; is dust, road grime and soot. Before they become major problems, keeping your truck clean allows you or your service technician to notice any issues. You can spot new oil leaks, broken hoses, coolant leaks, and other problems. Also, affecting your engine, dirty engine components such as radiators and intercoolers, play a major role. It is necessary to take preventive measures to keep things clean.

Monitor Diesel Exhaust & Other Truck Fluids

Your truck would not be able to function well as it notches up miles and would die a natural death if not for diesel engine oil. The moving parts of the engine requires this oil to lubricate the moving parts. This needs to be changed regularly since it can become acidic and contaminated over time. The lack of oil changes will minimize performance and engine life. Being just as important as the engine oil, you should also keep an eye on engine coolant. To help prevent engine overheating, coolant freezing, and engine-damaging electrolysis in your cylinder liners, keep your coolant topped off and balanced with proper chemicals. The window washer fluid is just as essential as well. The windows getting gritty are a safety hazard. Make certain the washer fluids are full.

Frequently Change Truck Air Filters

All your filters are an integral part of preventive maintenance and just as your truck needs to be clean, your fluids need to be clean. To ensure good, clean fuel flow to your engine, fuel filters need to be replaced every now and then. Fuel flow to your engine can be restricted or stopped by dirty fuel filters. You will have an engine that won’t start or run with reduced fuel flow and you will experience reduced engine performance with completely clogged filters. By removing particles that can cause engine wear and damage, oil filters ensure your oil is clean. A dirty, clogged air filter will restrict airflow and degrade engine performance. Diesel particulate filters (DPF) are important to maintain as well.

Diesel Oil Changes

Replace your oil consistently to keep your motor running smoothly. Depending on factors like engine idle time, number of engine cold starts, engine workloads, and the list goes on. Please refer to your specific engine manufacturer guidelines if you need help coming up with an engine oil change interval. To help you come up with the ideal oil change interval for your specific diesel engine, our staff would be happy to discuss as well. You need to utilize the proper oil for your vehicle.

Diesel Engine Repair & Maintenance Services in Jackson Georgia (Just Minutes from McDonough, Monticello, Forsyth & Griffin, GA)

The exhaust system and radiator should also be closely inspected and maintained to ensure your diesel engine truck is operating its peak performance. Call Jackson Diesel and let our professionals take care of the rest.

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